On a “mission to lead her tribe of double reeds to a new vision appropriate to the new century. Brava! Long live Catherine’s Oboe.” – New Music Buff, 2021

“the inherent beauty of her instruments’ timbres are maximized by the musicality she brings to even the most experimental setting. Her instruments allow for such natural human expression they can’t help but engage no matter how abstract” – Textura, 2021

“Lee showcases her beautiful dark tone on all three instruments and her mastery of 20th-century techniques… a direct reflection of current society” – The Whole Note, 2021

“A superior instrumentalist… Lee has a ravishing, declamatory tone and absolute control over her instrument… modern yet lyrical… absolute musicality. Recommended strongly.” – Gapplegate Classical Modern Music Review, 2016

“A body of work that’s often reflective and addresses the dynamics of transformation, there’s a very artistic presence that comes with a profound familiarity with her instrument, and the technical demeanor is nothing short of stunning.” – Take Effect, 2023

force of impact and emotional resonance… the discordance and beauty throughout are a perfect reflection of finding flickers of peace and comfort amid the nonstop madness.” – Voice of Energy, 2021

“a beautiful sonic score… ever-evolving, emotionally touching … Catherine Lee‘s hovering, floating, and somewhat outerworldly oboe performance to create a piece that truly exceeds the dimensions of space and time. Highly recommended, this. –, 2021

“Catherine Lee has a unique perspective and an original voiceimmaculate, masterful oboe playing and fresh, un-encumbered musical ideas… Her music creates space for healing.” – The Double Reed, 2017

“Lee’s pure, clear oboe… [offers] a compelling evolutionary journey of spacious deep beauty – explorative, moving and cathartic… tone, timbre and melodic inventions are impeccable in this graceful listening journey.” – SE Examiner, 2021

“Catherine Lee, instead of merely navigating these choppy waters, makes them her destination… as compelling as it is eminently listenable.” – The Whole Note, 2016

“meshes sounds that you might hear in a recital hall or a studio with sounds that might come from the forest or the riverside… an adventurous path” – NW Reverb, 2021

“a sort of new breed of instrumental specialist.…a gifted musician who seems poised to shepherd these instruments into new adventures in the 21st century…Her playing sounds effortless…she clearly moves beyond the technical to master the expressive range. I would certainly be willing to hear just about anything Ms. Lee chooses to play.” – New Music Buff, 2016

“Lee’s fluid, graceful timbre has just the right amount of energy… varying timbre and resonance with great thoughtfulness… Her palette widens in dynamics, register, and range of tone quality, but again with a fluid, natural trajectory… gorgeous, floating breath support… The tonal focus of her English horn is especially beautiful from note to note….” – The Double Reed, 2017

“beautiful phrasing, ability to project a long melodic line, and considerable skill… her virtuosity is apparent” – IAWM Journal, 2021